Personal Injury Headlines: Amusement Park Injuries, $3.5 Million Verdict Upheld for Car Crash Victim’s Family and More

Smiler at Alton Towers

There are several personal injury headlines worth looking at this month, including an amusement park accident in the UK, a $3.5 million verdict upheld for the family of a driver’s ed car crash victim, and Lumber Liquidators’ putting an end to selling allegedly toxic flooring.

UK Rollercoaster Accident Results in Four Injuries

One of Britain’s most popular rollercoasters at Alton Towers was the scene of a potentially horrific accident. Two cars collided into each other, one of them empty and the other holding 16 riders. Two teenage girls and two teenage boys were treated for serious leg injuries following the accident. Immediately after the crash, the ride stopped and the passengers were stuck at a roughly 45-degree angle. Emergency personnel needed a platform to get to the riders.

Alton Towers, north of London, is one of Britain’s most popular amusement parks, and incidents like this are rare at the park. An investigation of the ride was conducted to determine the cause of the accident, which were likely technical, given the ride had been shut down earlier that day for because of technical problems.

These injuries are likely to result in lawsuits if the park doesn’t promise to provide ample compensation.

A $3.5 Million Verdict is Upheld Against School District

On a cold, icy late October morning in Blaine County, Idaho in 2010, 15-year-old sophomore Austin Hennefer was instructed to do a three-point turn by driver’s education instructor Jeffrey Mecham. It was difficult to see, and difficult to drive normally because of icy roads, and an oncoming vehicle crashed into Hennefer’s vehicle at some point during Hennefer’s turn attempt. Hennefer died from his injuries, resulting in a lawsuit against the school district and Mecham for negligence.

In late May of 2013 a jury at the Idaho Supreme found that Mecham was entirely responsible for Hennefer’s death, and the driver of the oncoming vehicle was also a victim of Mecham’s negligence. The court awarded $3.5 million to Hennefer’s family, but the school district attempted to appeal the award. The court rejected the appeal, and the $3.5 million award was upheld, maintaining a successful lawsuit for the family.

Lumber Liquidators Stops Selling Potentially Toxic Laminate Flooring

Following threats of criminal charges on the part of the Justice Department, Lumber Liquidators has recently announced that it will no longer be selling a particular laminate flooring product imported from China. The company faced several lawsuits after consumers claimed that the flooring contained formaldehyde, which is a potential carcinogen.

While there are currently no national standards for formaldehyde, California has its own standards, which Lumber Liquidators’s flooring didn’t meet.


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