How to Avoid Hotel Bedbugs While Away from Home

When you’re on vacation or another trip away from home, you’ll want to beware of bedbugs when sleeping in a hotel or motel, which are some of their favorite spots. These irritating pests can cause guests a lot of trouble, with welt-like bites that result in severe itching.

Thankfully, there are ways you can make sure that you don’t struggle with these pests. Here are some of the steps you can take to keep bedbugs out of your travels.

Store Luggage in the Bathroom During Inspection

The first place you should go when you get to your room is the bathroom, where you should place your luggage until the inspection is complete. This is because bedbugs are typically absent from bathrooms, largely due to the tile floors and lack of hiding places.

Check Out the Bed

Bedbugs have that name for a reason: They love beds. So, the first area of inspection should be the room’s beds. Pull back the linens, look around the entire mattress, and inspect behind the headboard.

gross bed bugs

What you want to look for are any blood stains or tiny black spots that resemble ground pepper or mold. Bedbugs often hang out in seams and corners, too, so make sure you give your linens a thorough inspection.

If you find any signs of an infestation, contact hotel staff immediately to either change rooms or replace the bedding.

Look Around the Rest of the Room

After you’ve checked the bed, it’s time to examine the rest of the room, including beneath the telephone and alarm clock, behind picture frames, couches and soft chairs (including cushions and seams), and even within books if your room has them.

Check areas close to the bed first, as research has found that bedbugs typically hang out within 15 feet of beds.

Don’t forget the closet, either. You’ll want to make sure they get nowhere near your clothes.

Keep All Luggage Off the Floor

Suitcases and bags that sit on the floor serve as an open invitation for bedbugs, allowing them to easily climb inside and infest your luggage. To avoid this problem, try to keep luggage on top of dressers, desks, or other flat, cold surfaces that bedbugs typically avoid.

Cover Luggage in Plastic Bags

Another way to keep bedbugs away from your clothes and other luggage is to keep it stored in plastic wraps, which are available at many retail outlets. You can even wrap them in garbage bags when traveling.

Keeping suitcases in plastic not only protects them from bedbugs, but it can also protect them from bacteria and more in trains, taxis, and planes.

Don’t Keep Quiet

If you do spot bedbugs in a hotel, let staff know immediately, as this can get the hotel to address the problem and keep other guests safe. If they transfer you to another room, make sure it’s at least two floors from the initial room.

Beg Bug Lawyer

If you feel that you have been injured or affected by bedbugs, call a bed bug lawyer immediately.

These are some of the best ways to avoid troublesome bed bug bites during your travels.

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