Top Personal Injury Headlines Starting Off 2015

First of all, welcome to Attorney Lawyer Info, where you’ll see updates about the latest personal injury cases, information about the latest trends in personal injury law and other law-related topics. To start things off, let’s take a look at some of the big personal injury cases that have been making headlines so far this year.

Failing Airbags Result in an Increase in Lawsuits

Several brands of nationwide carmakers are recalling their airbags following an increase in airbag lawsuits. These lawsuits have to do with Takata airbags, and according to some critics the company may have been aware of their product’s defects way before recalls started happening.

The defect resulting in the recall has to do with humidity causing the airbag’s propellant to blow up and propel pieces of metal into the car, possibly injuring occupants. Companies involved in the recall include Chrysler, Mazda and Ford, which more recently went from high-humidity areas alone to a nationwide recall.

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Woman Injured at Dollywood Amusement Park Files Lawsuit

A woman injured in December 2013 at Dolly Parton’s theme park Dollywood has filed a personal injury lawsuit as of December of last year. The lawsuit alleges that the injury victim, Tedi A. Brown, was on vacation with her family at the park. While riding The Waltzing Singer, a revolving swing ride in the park, Brown tried to get out of her chair when the ride ended but was still 10 feet above ground.

Upon realizing her mistake, she attempted to grab the lap bar before falling, but due to the slick surface caused by rainy weather, she lost her grip and fell headfirst into the concrete below. She sustained brain, back and neck injuries along with a broken jaw.

As a result of these injuries, Brown is permanently disabled, according to both her and her husband. They claim the park had no safety measures to prevent the bar from unlocking when the ride wasn’t lowered and stopped completely.

More Lawsuits Against Monster

It’s not a new issue: parents suing energy drink companies after their child suffers a heart attack while drinking their products. However, the lawsuits are still piling up as companies like Monster still attempt to sell to children, who many perceive as unable to handle the high caffeine content found in them. And while the company may warn against caffeine insensitivity and tell consumers to drink no more than two cans a day, teenagers have died allegedly following consumption of just one drink. Doctors have warned against drinking these in the long term, as they can eventually lead to cardiomyopathy or an enlarged heart, in turn leading to arrhythmia or cardiac arrest.

One of the latest lawsuits involves 19-year-old Alex Morris, who was a long-time consumer who died of a heart attack. His parents have filed the lawsuit, and as with all of these cases, the energy drink company has denied culpability.

These are simply a few of the many cases that appear in the papers. If you are injured in the Chicago area and would like to file a lawsuit, there are reputable personal injury attorneys who can help you get the compensation you want.

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